“The best writing can be found in Robin Cody’s Voyage of a Summer Sun . . .  Mr. Cody takes care to point out that ‘this is not an adventure story, although some adventure was unavoidable, and I didn’t set out to find myself if I could help it.’  Thank God!  The travel-narrative-cum-voyage-of-self-discovery is by now such a cliché that it should be outlawed.  Trips need to carry their own weight, and this one does.”

AAAAA –Ted Conover,
AAAAA The New York Times Book Review

Along the way Cody recognizes the bears, beavers, birds and other animals.  With sadness he acknowledges the dwindling wild salmon runs, the pollution, the unknown horrors brewing underground at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, as well as strangers who become friends and the Indians who maintain a semblance of old ways along what they call ‘Nchi-a-wah-na, the “Big River”

AAAAA –Paul Pintarich, The Oregonian

“His take on this journey is refreshing.  Voyage is neither an environmental treatise (800 miles of the river are backed up behind 14 dams) nor a search for his own soul.  It’s about the taming of a river and, from water level, what that taming has meant.  . . .  Cody is a clear writer with strong descriptive powers.

AAAAA –John Muncie, Los Angeles Times

“Robin Cody has perfectly captured the blend of beauty and sorrow that is the modern Columbia River.  Here is an intimate story that is still large in scope, surprisingly funny, a little bit heartbreaking, and, most of all, a voyage for the rest of us to envy.”

AAAAA –Sallie Tisdale, author of Stepping Westward

“A smooth and exciting book . . .  Cody’s skillful blend of past and present time allows the rhythms of the Columbia to take control . . .  An unpredictable ride.”

AAAAA –Jack Nisbet, author of Sources of the River

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