Another Way the River Has:
Taut True Tales
from the Northwest

by Robin Cody
Foreword by Brian Doyle

Another Way the River Has collects Robin Cody's finest true stories, many appearing for the first time. Like his fiction and other nonfiction, his work here rings with a sense of place. Cody is a native speaker who probes the streams and woods and salmon that run to the heart of what it means to live and love, to work and play, in Oregon.

"Robin Cody listens for grace and guts and laughter and courage, and he mills and planes what he hears into stories that will echo and shiver in you for a really long time. He is one of the great storycatchers and storytellers ever hatched in the Great North Wet."

XX–Brian Doyle, author of The Grail

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ISBN 978-0-87071-583-9
Paperback, $18.95
Published by Oregon State
University Press



Voyage of a Summer Sun
by Robin Cody

Voyage is based on Cody’s 82-day solo canoe trip down the Columbia River, from its source in the Canadian Rockies to its mouth at the Pacific Ocean.  It’s about the river, not about him.  At water level, the big river offers up a vibrant mix of riverfolk, wildlife and stories – a view of the American West that is seldom seen.

Winner of the 1996 Oregon Book Award for literary nonfiction

An Oregon State Library choice
for “150 Books for the Oregon Sesquicentennial”

“This is the book Huck Finn might have written if he’d had the chance to canoe the Columbia river.”

XX–William Wharton, author of Birdy
XX–and A Midnight Clear


“A spellbinding journey into the
heart and soul of the West...
Humorous meditative, powerful,
this work holds the reader like a magical eddy.”

XX–Craig Lesley, author of The Fly XX–Fisherman and Winterkill

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Hardback, by Alfred A. Knopf, New York
Paperback, by Oregon State University Press, Corvallis


Ricochet River
by Robin Cody

The story of three high school students in an Oregon logging town, this robust first novel is one to laugh with, to cry over, and to love.  Wade is the conforming jock who doesn’t quite get it.  Lorna is the bookish and brassy girl, too smart for her own good.  Jesse is the stranger in town, full of Indian lore and flashing trouble.  Woods and water and the life cycle of Pacific salmon play a role as the river rushes through town, linking three friends with their pasts, their plans, and the world beyond.

“Jesse Howl, the spiritual center of Robin Cody’s first novel, is lusty, sweetly naïve and generally full of beans, much like the trickster Coyote of Indian mythology.”

XX–The Los Angeles Times

“In captivating prose, Mr. Cody tells a story of unusual wisdom and grace”

XX–The New York Times


An Oregon State Library pick for “150 Books for the Oregon Sesquicentennial”

One of the Oregon Culture Heritage Commission’s “100 Oregon Books” in 200 years since Lewis and Clark

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Hardback by Alfred A. Knopf, New York
Paperback by Ooligan Press, Portland