Before my books were published, I taught high school English – creative writing and American Literature – at the American School of Paris, France.  I like teachers.  I’m comfortable with students and will happily visit any school where the students have read one of my books.  Usually it’s about Ricochet River.  I like to talk briefly about how the book was rejected and rewritten many times.  Not much of it is autobiographical. Student questions drive the discussion, and we have a good time.

I charge $100 for a school visit in the Portland area.

Contact: robin(a)robincody(dot)net


Large groups, OK.  I’ve been keynote speaker to such diverse groups as Adventist Physicians, Oregon State Librarians, and River Keepers.  I like to read very short bits from one of the books and talk about (usually) rivers and environmental topics or Northwest literature.  We laugh a good deal and have fun. The fee depends on the group’s ability to pay.  We talk it over.  I bring books for sale.

Contact: robin(a)robincody(dot)net



I can’t remember ever turning down a request to visit a book club.  If the members have read one of my books, I mean, and if I’m in town and free.  There is no fee.  We talk about how a book was made, about the many years of rejection and failure behind my first published book, and about just whatever comes up.  Book club visits are discussions, not talks, and almost always they are fun.  Fun for me, at least.

Contact: robin(a)robincody(dot)net


Robin speaking at Fishtrap
XXwriter's retreat, 2009